Bring Along your Guitar when you Travel!

Traveler Guitar AG-105EQ Acoustic/Electric with Gig Bag

Full 25 1/2 inch scale - the most portable full scale acoustic/electric guitar available

No Headstock! - the unique tuning system is mounted to the guitar body, making the guitar smaller and better balanced than othet travel acoustics

Built in Tuner - leave the clip on at home

Built in Headphone Amplifier

1/8" Aux in Jack

Solid Spruce Top

AG-105EQ Gig Bag

105EQ Tuners

Innovative Streamline™ Tuning System 

The Traveler Acoustic AG-105EQ features tuning system the eliminates the need for a headstock altogether and maintains precision tuning while you play.

Easy on the eyes - and the hands
The knurled Bronze tuning knobs look as good as they feel, with fine tuning capability coming from minor adjustments made with your right hand. 

Functional and beautiful
The tuning system is mounted on the endblock, allowing the solid spruce top to vibrate freely and produce a rich, acoustic guitar sound.

Use your favorite strings
The AG-105EQ uses any standard ball-end string and requires an allen wrench (included) to install.

Equally Impressive Hardware at the end of the Neck
The strings are firmly anchored by individual string lockers located just beyond the nut. Additional string clamps ensure positive traction.

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Built-in Headphone Amp

Precision Control and Power at your Fingertips

Built-In Tuner
Two AAA batteries (included) power the convenient built-in tuner for over 2000 tunings!

Aux-In Jack for Added Flexibility
Mix external sources with the guitar with the built in preamp/headphone amp by plugging in your MP3 player 

Go Electric
Route the signal from the guitar to any external mixer or amp

" is an amazing guitar that you can travel with. It sounds great, plays great and it is so convenient to travel with. When you purchase it and take it on vacation, you will say to yourself, I wish I had done this years ago."
Paul Beggs
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Stephen Gibson
I wish I'd had one of these years ago! The Traveler Guitar AG-105EQ is an extraordinary musical instrument. It looks and sounds great and now, whenever and wherever I travel I always have my music with me.
Joe P
This guitar is awesome. I can bring with me when I travel and it sounds great! Hard to imagine a guitar with a full size finger board fitting into an overhead luggage compartment!